What is #SEOLeadership?

Let’s take a moment to define a successful SEO project, could be with a client or in house.
Success is measured by growth, which usually means an increase in conversions and not just any conversions, we want to increase the conversions that matter the most.
The road to increase conversions is quite a lengthy road and it holds lots of myths, that’s where #SEOLeadership comes in.

#SEOLeadership is a methodology and it’s composed out of a few core elements.

  • Critical thinking => Meaning question everything, each and every detail matters.
  • SEO Education => Debunking of myths, link juice “we don’t need H1” and all the rest.
  • Internal Champions => Unite internal stakeholders to your mutual cause.

The SEO Paradox of Not Knowing

Often companies struggle with SEO for all the wrong reasons, most organizations get burned by SEOs who just can’t explain and simplify exactly what they are doing, and the rule of thumb is, if you can’t explain what are you’r doing, you probably don’t know what your doing.

Then after finally getting a proper answer of what are you going to do, we come to another tough question.

“well, if you do this..what will this achieve or what’s the impact?”

Most SEO’s struggle with this question, explaining the reasoning of we are building content and building links to it in order to get better rankings. #FAIL.

We are not in control of Google SERPS or smarter then 85,000 handpicked, elite Googlers.

The actions we do to promote our sites for a better search experience are measurable and most of time they are pretty costly and often take a long time to provide value.

So we must take every step we can to do it right.

The SEO Leader’s Role in Transformation

The most important asset you have as an SEO is the people around you.

Not only your team, but everyone. Each and every person holds a nugget of information that is useful for you to create a better site, better content and better reputation online.

As an SEO Leader you need to first take the time to explain exactly what is SEO, which will provide you some insights into understanding the people around you and what effects their contact with Google.

There are many answers you will get, but in my book there is only universal truth
SEO is about providing the best result for a search query”

What is the best result? We will get to it in another post.

After people around you will start understanding that there is no magic in providing a good search result, it’s about understanding your user, how they search, when, on what device, their emotional state, their culture, nationality and much more, only then can you start a journey together into creating a better search experience for your potential visitors.

Important to note, that people are visitors first and users after.

Walking into a New Balance shoe store you are first a visitor and maybe if the store is cool enough, the price is right and the salesman “gets” you..you will try it and buy it (Ka-ching!)

When the mind set starts shifting into a user first approach, the SEO magic starts to happen.

Data points like bounce rate and time on page start to matter as they have context to the current step in the user journey.

Content writers start thinking about answering user pain points and not writing to satisfy the algorithm, even a minor (big) thing like internal linking makes much more sense as you want to provide more information for user, even if it means taking him to another site.

The core part of the transformation is to find people that get it, that understand long term efforts and want to create something that they are proud of.

Results that are meaningful, stable rankings and traffic that converts need to be earned.

By taking the approach of becoming an SEO Leader in your company or with your client you insure long lasting impact and lift up all marketing and product efforts.


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